About Radix

Based in Vancouver, Radix Theatre Society has been producing innovative and exciting performance events locally and nationally since 1988. Our mandate is to foster the creation and production of original and socially relevant work.  The company primarily creates interdisciplinary performance but also ventures into other media, focusing on experimentation and collaborative creation.  Radix is currently steered by Artistic Director Andrew Laurenson who works with a team of artistic associates in developing company vision and projects.  

Radix Theatre has created many ambitious performances over the years incorporating dynamic physicality, seductive visual design, and provocative content. The company has created a new production at least once every year since its inception, inspired by issues such as environmental degradation, sexual repression, car culture and terrorism.

Most of our work is site-specific, experimenting with the audience’s relationship to the performance. Performance locations include an inner-city field, a tour bus, a diner, an underground garage, a downtown office building, a parking lot with audience members in their cars, and IKEA. 

Radix has carved out a distinctive role in the Vancouver performing arts community by reaching across disciplines and pushing boundaries. The company harbours an experimental approach to both process and form, creating work that is fresh, engaging, and invigorating, while maintaining accessibility. The Radix experiment is an attempt to lay bare our shared humanity, and above all, inspire.

Artistic Producer

Andrew Laurenson

Artistic Associates

Jesse Garlick
Andreas Kahre
Billy Marchenski
Stefan Smulovitz
Emelia Symington Fedy
Paul Ternes
Robyn Volk

Board of Directors

Jason Gratl (Chair)
Neil Patton
Leslie Pomeroy
Keiron Simons

Founding Members 

Radix was co-founded by Belinda Earle, Michael Hirano and Jud Martell, whose boldness and vision laid the groundwork for the company's current achievements. Radix Theatre Society was incorporated in 1991 and two years later attained federal charitable status. The company is regularly supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, B.C. Arts Council, the Province of B.C. through the Gaming Commission, the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Foundation, and Hamber and Koerner Foundations.

Radix is a registered non-profit society with federal charitable status. We gratefully accept financial donations. Your support will assist our exploration of new territories in performance, and help us continue to employ a diverse range of talented and committed artists. Donations over $10 will receive an official income tax receipt. Thank you for your contribution.